FSU has two formal SIE curricular pathways:

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College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

The Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) Program within COSSPP offers a specialization and a secondary concentration in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The 33-credit Specialization emphasizes an interdisciplinary understanding of complex problems, a human-centered design to social innovation, a holistic, systems-based and cross-sector, collective impact approach to “solution” finding, and a global perspective. The secondary concentration consists of four courses. 

Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship

The Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship offers a major and a minor in social entrepreneurship. The 60-credit major emphasizes the knowledge and skills one needs to develop and lead a social venture, such as a social enterprise, high-impact nonprofit, or impact-focused business. Approximately half of the curriculum is social-entrepreneurship-specific while the other half are core courses from the commercial entrepreneurship major. The minor consists of four courses.


Courses Open to All Majors

Foundations of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A comprehensive survey of this emerging and dynamic field that ties theory to practice. Case studies include local, national, and international examples of social innovation and entrepreneurship. (Manciagli)

ISS 3241
B. Manciagli
Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation

This methods course provides an experience-based introduction to human-centered design applied to social innovation. In partnership with a local organization, teams of
students collaborate with organizational/community stakeholders to frame a design challenge for the semester; study the broad and nuanced dimensions of the problem through primary and secondary research; identify and consider existing approaches/solutions; ideate innovative approaches; prototype and test/validate those potential solutions; and iterate. The teams conclude the semester by presenting their models to the organization. 

(Prerequisite: Foundations of SIE; Needs instructor permission)

ISS 4308
B. Manciagli
Leading Social Enterprise and Innovation

This course provides students with a hands-on application of SIE theory and methods using a human-centered design approach. Students individually work to better understand a social/environmental problem they’re passionate about, ideate an holistic/impactful/scalable solution, and develop a plan for its implementation through a sustainable social impact model via a hybrid social venture. Students also study the principles of leadership/life entrepreneurship personified by successful social innovators/entrepreneurs and reflect on how to apply them throughout their own lives.

ISS 4312
B. Manciagli
Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Participate in classroom discussions, presentations, and exercises involving social entrepreneurship case studies and theory. Understand the practical realities of creating social value by designing your own social enterprise from planning to execution.

PAD 4936
A. Ghadimi
Social Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Change the way you think about social change, think critically about social issues faced by marginalized populations, and challenge the status quo by developing a full business plan for a viable social enterprise that helps sustainably alleviate a social problem. 

ECS 3022
S. Staley
Bali: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Immersion

This dynamic four-week program provides students with an immersive understanding of social innovation & entrepreneurship (SIE) through a highly-interactive exploration and application of theory and methods.

ISS 4931/ENT 4934
B. Manciagli



Tie theory to practice through competitive local, national, and international internships.  These experiential education opportunities help students integrate theory and knowledge from the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting

B. Manciagli

Leading as a Changemaker

Facilitates the strengthening of those aspects of personal leadership that form the deepest foundation for our effectiveness as changemakers, upon which the knowledge, skills, and experience can truly thrive.  

ISS 4931
B. Manciagli

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The SIE Internship Program helps students tie theory to practice through placements with local, national, and international partner organizations.  These experiential education opportunities help students integrate theoryand knowledge from the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. By partnering with a diverse set of social enterprises and forward-thinking organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, these unique opportunities allow students to pursue their unique interests and passions, practice creativity, leverage their skills and knowledge to create social impact and increase social value, and be mentored as they develop the skills, integrity, and tenacity of our best social entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators.

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International Experiences


Bali, Indonesia 

SIE Bali Immersion:

International Programs 

The Bali SIE Immersion Program serves as either a capstone experience for students who are near the end of their undergraduate careers or as a powerful introduction to the field of SIE for those who are just getting started. 

This dynamic four-week program provides students with an immersive understanding of social innovation & entrepreneurship through a highly-interactive exploration and application of theory and methods. The group travels to several locations around Bali to study the following social/environmental issues through site visits, talks with community and academic leaders, experiential case studies, action research, and immersion experiences: 

  • Poverty & Economic Empowerment

  • Environment & Sustainable Development

  • Community & Global Health


The group also explores how these issues intersect with each other and examines them through the lenses of:


  • Women & Gender

  • Traditional vs. Modern

  • Leadership & Community

  • Formal, Non-Formal, & Informal Education



The Bali Changemakers Initiative

The Bali Changemakers Initiative is a year-long leadership development program for Balinese committed to creating positive social change in their communities. Those that are selected represent diverse backgrounds and approaches to change, and they are interested in working on many different issues in their communities across the island. This initiative is in partnership with The Bali Institute and Five Pillar Foundation. 

Every Bali Changemaker (BC) will work on a community-action project to address a need in their local area. This program don’t tell BCs what to think or what issues to work on. Rather, this program provides the training, mentorship, resources, and technical assistance necessary to help ensure their projects can be supported over the long-term.

​This training is for any and all Balinese who feel called to explore who they are and what it means to re-imagine Bali for a sustainable and resilient future. BCs are individuals who show great potential and a committed passion for significant social and environmental change in our lifetime.


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Latin America

The Social Entrepreneur Corps 

Social Entrepreneur Corps' signature programs, the Summer 3-Week (Jump Start), 4-Week and 8-Week programs, are where you will have the most in-depth opportunity to dive into social innovation, consulting, culture and Spanish language learning. You will work on all of the components outlined in program design and create systems-changing social impact at scale.

All programs open to students from all universities!

Since 2005, 1500+ participants have joined our programs in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Your experience is designed and led by globally-recognized social entrepreneurs who have built social innovations and consulted in 20+ countries in the Americas and Africa. Our leadership has been awarded “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” by the World Economic Forum, “Community Partner of the Year” by Levi Strauss and Company and the Ashoka Globalizer Fellowship.