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Read more about the SIE@FSU~Bali Institute Partnership at SIE@Indonesia below:

At the core of our work at Bali Institute is the belief that every student experience we create has the power for transformative self-discovery. Our partnership with Florida State University was an easy decision, as we immediately felt a common excitement and drive to create an international, experiential program that invites participating students from both the U.S. and Bali to explore social entrepreneurship from a new angle, together. The cross-cultural environment of the program beautifully simulates how modern, global issues are approached: with great enthusiasm and collaboration, but also requiring great perseverance in the face of challenges. Even just a few minutes observing the classroom makes obvious the immeasurable value of placing students in an environment where they must navigate the intricacies of social entrepreneurship alongside those of working across languages, cultures, and approaches to problem-solving.


Bali is an island right at a critical turning point in its development: trying to balance tradition and modernity, cultural & environmental sustainability and economic advancement. The students from local universities in Bali who are selected to participate in the program with Florida State feel the tension of these opposing forces on a daily basis, but generally have had very little opportunity to learn how they can bring positive changes to their community. On the first day of the week-long sprint with the FSU students, there is always a near-electric quality in the room, with every student nervous and excited to meet, share, learn, and create real initiatives that have the potential to bring about meaningful and lasting impact. Florida State’s deep expertise in social entrepreneurship combined with Bali Institute’s long relationships with Balinese community leaders allows truly transformational learning to occur among each and every student. It is a privilege to work with Florida State University to bring such life-changing social entrepreneurship coursework to life for students on both sides of the world as well as for our Balinese Fellows through Makadaya, our Changemaker Fellowship.


Ryan Feinstein, President, Bali Institute

Bruce Manciagli, Social Entrepreneur in Residence in FSU's College of Social Sciences & Public Policy, serves as a Global Advisor to the Bali Institute.


Visit the Bali Institute's website: 


Florida State University’s Innovation Hub promotes transdisciplinary innovation using human-centered design and new technologies to confront the vexing, complex and wicked challenges of our day. The Hub trains hundreds of students each semester in Design Thinking and Systems Thinking while providing them with access to cutting-edge hardware and software tools that include makerspace technologies, electronics and robotics, drones, VR, AR, app development, blockchain, IoT, and machine learning. These tools and methods for innovation have little value unless they are applied to address real world problems. This is where FSU’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIE) Ecosystem completes the picture.


SIE@FSU provides students in The Hub with opportunities to apply their innovative skills to real world problems. Today’s students long to have an impact on the world, to right the wrongs, and make the world a better place. SIE@FSU provides them with those opportunities and motivates them to learn valuable skills while making a difference. SIE@FSU and The Hub provide a powerful combination for developing the world’s change-leaders of the future.    


Ken Baldauf, Director, FSU Innovation Hub

Professor Manciagli serves on the Innovation Hub's Steering Committee.

Visit the Hub's website:

Overview of the proposed SIE Pathway

for Innovation Scholars:

The SIE Skill-Building Series is a collaboration between SIE@FSU

and the Innovation Hub:

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SIE@FSU has placed numerous students as interns at Domi over the past several years, several of whom have been hired by Domi at the end of their internship. Several of SIE@FSU students and mentees have worked on their enterprises at Domi. Additionally, two of Domi's current staff were hired after being introduced and recommended by Professor Manciagli. 

Professor Manciagli serves as a mentor in the Tallahassee Mentor Network facilitated by Domi. 

Visit Domi's website: