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A Little Update on Flying Time and GOTR...

The semester is over half-way completed and I have absolutely no idea where time is going. I seem to have no concept of time, as I feel that the Spring semester began two weeks ago, and it is totally impossible that March is almost half-way over. Midterms are completed and done with, and the next thing to look forward (or dread) are finals, which seem right around the corner. In the midst of time flying, my internship at Girls on the Run is also over half-way done, and that is also unfathomable to me. I can’t believe I have been working with my amazing colleagues at GOTR for nine weeks, and there are only six weeks left.

For the past nine weeks, a majority of my work has been researching grants for Girls on the Run of the Big Bend to apply for. In order for a non-profit to continue operating, they need to obtain consistent funding, since they don’t profit off of their services. A grant is the most common way for non-profits, such as GOTR, to continue servicing their communities. With the grants I have been researching, GOTRBB will request financial help from different institutions that have a specific interest in the health and education of youth, and the empowerment of young women. This will allow GOTR to continue their work of educating girls from grades 3-8 and to uplift the girls and women of the Panhandle community. I am honored to be a part of the process and I look forward to seeing the continued success of Girls on the Run of the Big Bend.

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