• Dacia Williams

A Weekend in Jax

For this quarter of my internship, I was able to travel to Jacksonville and take a sneak of the behind the scenes work that goes on for Gifts for Confidence. During my visit, my manager’s parents, Joanne and David, were very welcoming and made the entire process there fun. There I distinguished the inventory between “good for sale” and “needs repair.” We then moved on to the kimonos which were limited in supply. After sorting out all the inventory and applying our numbers to the existing excel sheet, Joanne and I were able to brainstorm some ideas about the future of Gifts for Confidence. At first, she discussed her time visiting Ethiopia and how she was able to witness the girls’ shift from learning to sewing. With that, I realized that there was an opportunity for the company to promote the uniqueness of the scarves that needed repair. We dove into discussion about how leveraging the girls’ identity can really show the message behind Gifts for Confidence. Towards the end of my five-hour visit, we briefly talked about some new projects that the organization can explore. Joanne showed me the reusable pads curriculum that the girls used for their own feminine hygiene. And although it was short lived, there is some opportunity for the curriculum to be revisited. All in all, the visit to Jacksonville was eye-opening. I gathered a better understanding of how the organization operates here and abroad. It is what influenced my focus for Women’s History Month, showcasing the several girls who are being empowered by a simple sewing curriculum.

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