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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Staring down from the tips of mountains over the ever ending ocean as the sun dips below the horizon... weaving through traffic down unimaginable roads that seem to be endless... gazing into the starry night as comets light up the sky through the cascading Milky Way... all while learning about the importance of this magical culture in Bali with unforgettable people. This study abroad experience through Bali, Indonesia has been the most inspiring learning experience I have ever had the pleasure of partaking in. The past four weeks have been day after day of traveling, learning, and most of all fun. So much has happened throughout this whole trip but I wanted to touch on three of my favorite experiences in this blog post. First of all, the sunsets and sunrises here have been indescribable to say the least and picking my favorite would not be possible. The sunrises turned me into a passionate early-riser while the sunsets turned into a time for reflection and somber thoughts. They were a huge part of this trip for me and definitely worth mentioning. Moreover, our visit to East Bali Cashews was three of the most introspective and blissful days of my life. Nestled in the side of Mount Agung in a comfy “glamp” style room, we spent these days without any access to internet. Living in America, it is hard to imagine a life without any technology, but East Bali Immersion truly opened my eyes to how little we actually need it. On top of the beauty of where we were, we also got to build relationships with the Undiksha students in Bali during this visit which brings us to our third experience. Some of the memories I formed with the Undiksha students during the week that we got spend with them were memories that I will never forget. The Social Innovation Sprint was a grueling process, but you form bonds with these people that you would not think possible in only a week. It was extremely sad to see them go on our final dinner but we all left with a sense of hope to see each other again in the future. All in all, this trip to Bali has been something that changed the course of my life and opened me up to a new sense of culture and spirit that I would never have known otherwise. I have been inspired through this magical island and I hope others follow very soon. 


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