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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

12 days ago I got off of a plane in Bali, Indonesia with high expectations for what my semester abroad would deliver. However, 12 days ago I had absolutely no Idea that the opportunity to learn would extend so far beyond the small circle of our class discussions. Up to this point, I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the people I’ve met, the non-profits I’ve visited, and the time I’ve spent getting to know the Balinese culture; but It wasn’t until visiting the PKP women’s center that my perspective on the next 4 weeks of my summer would ultimately shift for the better.

I’m really keen on the idea that everything happens for a reason; attempting to find the good in all situations is what fuels me to keep looking forward. The PKP women’s center was built from the ground up by a woman who chose to do just that. In her worst seasons of life, she managed to find her purpose. The women’s center exists in Bali to serve as a safe environment for women and children with special needs to come together to learn, encourage each other, and establish independence. It was here that I was introduced to mission of the center:

“EVERYBODY is a teacher

EVERY PLACE is a school

EVERY MOMENT is a lesson in time.”

These 3 phrases have had a formidable impact on the experiences that I have had in Bali in these short 12 days. I think that it can be really easy to get lost between the studying aspect and the abroad aspect of a program. For me, absorbing these words have allowed me to make the absolute most of time studying abroad. While the scheduled site visits, case studies, and discussions have provided me with copious knowledge on the field of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the “in-between” moments have instilled me with knowledge that goes beyond what you can learn from a textbook. On top of the course material, the conversations I’ve had, the relationships I’ve built, and the moments we’ve shared have proven to be the greatest lesson of all.

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