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Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Cultural/Environmental Experience

The tourism industry has increased the amount of opportunity in Bali. The Balinese people have created a positive and welcoming atmosphere for foreigners to come and visit their land. Although due to the increase of tourism, Bali's carbon footprint has also increased. Culturally before the use of single used plastics, Balinese people would use leaves, bamboo and other natural biodegradable materials for everyday use. Now, they have transitioned to more of a modern way of transportation and use of single-use materials. The more motorbikes and cars driving the increase of air pollution and runoff to agricultural land. The more single-use plastics being used the increase of trash and litter on streets.

Witnessing the amount of trash there is on the beach and on streets is mind blowing. I was surprised to see how people paid no mind to the amount of litter on the street. I also did not see garbage trucks picking up any trash. In the U.S we see garbage trucks on the same day and time always picking up trash. The difference between what the government provides in each country is a drastic difference. The increase of plastic waste does not make the disposal of waste any easier. When talking to a Balinese man, he said that the main reason for why there may be so much litter on the street is because people were once used to throwing away their trash anywhere because it was once biodegradable. But now plastic is mainly used and that cannot biodegrade into the Earth. I found it interesting that the habit of doing something and using a new source of matieral really had no impact on how the user uses it. It would take time for the user to adapt and understand how to use the new matieral and to be sustainable.

When coming to Bali, my mindset was to explore the environmental issues. Witnessing the trash, lack of clean water and ocean acidification is an eye opener. Every single person all around the world has an impact on the environment. We must work together to eliminate the use of single use plastic so it won't end up in the ocean and other natural environments. When travelling we need to travel eco-friendly and be aware of how we are impacting the environment around us.

Bali has such a rich culture and atmosphere and we has tourists need to do our part of keeping this island sustainable and help them open their eyes to more sustainable ways of living. Being in social entrepreneurship allows us to create sustainable opportunities for the developed and underdeveloped world. From what I have learned so far from this trip and the class, I will carry on towards my future endeavors of my social entrepreneurship career.

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