• Ryn Harris

Heritage Hub - Life of the Party in Frenchtown?

Just this morning I ran by the organization's office to complete a quick assignment, and I had a friend with me. Getting out of the car, my friend asked me, "So what exactly do you do here?" I stopped walking and had to think for a moment, and eventually said, "Well, I guess the best way to describe it would be to say that I'm helping the Hub to solidify their role in Frenchtown." And in the most vague and broad of terms, that is exactly what I'm doing. For the past month I've continued working with the Hub's management and KitchenShare's staff to update their website, promote the equipment and resources available to the community, and largely encouraged them to think bigger.

This "thinking bigger" is exactly what inspired my latest task - planning a community-wide Farm-to-Table dinner party! With the purpose of fundraising for the Heritage Hub Market and bringing the community together, I am planning a rather large dinner event for Saturday, April 25, 2020. After gaining commitment from two local chefs, we (the Hub) are in the process of making event flyers, reaching out to potential sponsors, local produce vendors and garden, and sending out invites to some of the Tallahassee community leaders. This event will not only help to raise money for keeping the market afloat, but it will also serve as a forum to stimulate conversations between Frenchtown residents and leaders alike. It's really just like I'm planning a big fancy party - I'm STOKED! This latest assignment was given to me with almost complete creative freedom and control, and while there is tons of work and preparations to be made, It is an awesome learning experience. I am getting to experience the thoughts that occur behind fundraising needs, as well as the extensive process of making something large-scale work. It is also an amazing chance to learn more about the space that I am serving in - important community leaders, both in and out of office, as well the neighborhood's values. Should all go well this year, we expect the farm-to-table fundraiser dinner to become an annual event.

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