• Minniqua Wiles

Initial Interview

During my initial interview with Mrs. Powell asked me to tell her about myself. I started off with the basics where I am from , my age major and minor. I went into details of why I wanted to have a internship is because I felt like throughout my whole college career I did not make the connections that I wanted to. I also told her that one day I wanted to start my own non- profit organization in my hometown. Ms. Jennifer responded to telling me her story about her upbringing that she did not have like a mentor or someone who she could look up to. When she was explaining that I knew that this is where I needed to be God placed me here for a reason. I too did not have anyone to look up to or guide me in the right direction in life. With this organization it helps younger girls with physical development Mentally , Physically and emotionally. I am so excited to work with this organization.

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