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Updated: Oct 21, 2019


During our orientation meeting for this trip Bruce warned us that we

would be pushed to our limits, brought back, and repeat. When he said this

I could have never predicted what that meant and how that would have

played out over this last month. This program has done exactly that, but in

the best way imaginable. While there have been extremely challenging

moments physically, emotionally, and mentally, the time we spent being

brought back down and reconnecting was more than anything I could have

ever asked for or dreamed of. After our first long week in Ubud we spent

three days in Pemuteran snorkeling and slowing down and enjoying the

ocean. After that we had our week long social innovation sprint with the

Undiksha students, and our break in between was the most notable

reflection time for me.

We spent three nights at East Bali Immersion unplugged from

technology and the outside world, and plugged into each other. During

these few days with no WiFi or much work to be done were some of the

most amazing of my life. One night around the fire, after a long day of

volleyball, frisbee, and a lot of laughter, Bruce asked us to describe our

experience in one word. As we went around the fire, some words to describe

our time were immersed, unplugged, amazing, and connected. Mine was

friendship. Not only did we get to put away our technology and really invest

our time with the FSU students, we also got to form amazing friendships

and memories that we will never forget, with the Undiksha students. The

moments that I know I will never forget started with everyone sitting

around the fire at the dome playing the ukulele and guitars and singing

along together, and ending the nights laying head to head in the grass with

our eyes glued to the sky. We stared at the sky for hours looking for

constellations and counting shooting stars. These moments will never be

able to be repeated or recreated and I am so thankful that I got to

experience them with these people in that place.

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