Jena Blog 2: Just Some Healthy Reflection

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

We all came on this trip as strangers who just so happen to attend the same university in Tallahassee, Florida. Individuals with our own unique story. Our own struggles, dreams, desires, and fears. Individuals with differing paths that just so happen to cross right here and now. We are leaving Bali one month later a bit more full, a bit more connected, thoughtful, and enlightened. Every single person on this trip has had an incredible impact on my life and the lessons I have learned, I will carry with me forever. The importance of creating meaningful connections, building relationships, reflecting, supporting, and showing compassion and empathy to others and to yourself will never be forgotten. We are leaving Bali one month later having shared an experience that no one else could fully understand.

“If you know, you know.” As the youth say. If you know, then you know how freakin’ stressful the innovation sprint became at times. If you know, then you know that the Undiksha students are the sweetest people you will ever meet, with the largest hearts, open minds, and loving spirits. If you know, then you know that no matter how crazy the week revealed itself to be, no matter how many times the WIFI went out, or how many times you heard the words holistic, revenue model, impact, or sustainable development, you know you wouldn’t trade this experience for the world because it showed us just how powerful we are and how inspiring and life-changing this work can be for the people it serves. You know?

Everyone always says that life is all about balance. Here in Bali, I have felt a different kind of balance. Not just between school and free time, but a balance between feeling so alive and free and then intensely diving into some of the world’s greatest questions and issues. A balance between watching the sun set over the mountain and switching my focus to multidimensional poverty. Watching dolphins jump over the horizon and then learning about micro plastic and climate change (and our imminent doom). But for real, it’s ALL about balance. Of course you can’t live in a perfect, little bubble if you want to get anything done in this life and be the change you wish to see. You have to be a goddamn warrior, a fighter for peace, a loving friend and human being. All we have is this moment. The love that we share. All we have is all we are. All we have is our relationships. All we have is our compassion and drive.

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