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Macoma Abbott: Breaking Things Down

At this point I just feel stuck. Besides working on the Makadaya project, I'm also working on improving a model I made last semester that focuses on building resilience in communities after experiencing natural disasters. I've been trying to finalize it but something always seems to be missing. Therefore, I'm trying to focus on the things that seem more straight forward like updating the website, which presented its own set of struggles. Even through those struggles, I learned a lot. I know more about website building, that I may be bale to use in the future. However, I actually had to get back to working on my model, as I couldn't avoid it for much longer. So I started to work on the revenue model. I came up with two additional avenues that could be used to gain revenue. One is more on the consulting path and the other goes down the path of making an entirely new app and technologies. Through adding these new aspects to the model, I realized that I had to broaden my initial focus from resilience regarding natural disasters to resilience in general. To hone in on this differentiation, I broke my model into two sections: mental health/ trauma and community resilience. This allowed me to do a deep dive and find more research pertaining to each. In doing so I cam across the Charles Figley, who started the traumatology institution. I wrote a case study on him that really helped inform the make up of my model. The case study was also used as a part of some Makadaya slides.

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