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Macoma Abbott: When Things Finally Come Together

Things are starting to become more clear to me. I've continued working on the models that I separated but my focus is now more on the community resilience portion. To help take this from a concept to a reality, I teamed up with another student who is working on a model for a social super market in the SIE capstone course. He already started putting the first layer of his model into reality by having food distributions every Saturday. I was able to visit the site currently known at Victory House, where this takes place. On this day I observed the food distributions as it was happening. I was also able to to get a tour of the area and see all of the wonderful possibilities that could take place there. My new role with the Victory House would be to create a community resilience model, that would bring individuals together and help them face the issues of food insecurity, financial insecurity and others. So, it was back to the drawing board for me, as I had to do more research and find ways to build strong communities that would create long last impacts. Some other steps that were made were to create a survey that would assess the community member's needs and willingness to partake in the activities and services we were considering providing. This Survey was a collaborative effort among myself and some other students, who are more in the fields of family and child sciences. After the first daft of the survey was finished, I started working on some slides regarding making surveys, collecting data, and data interpretation that were used for the Makdadaya project.

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