• Sarah Blackmon

Mid-Semester Blues Strike Back, BUT the Sharing Tree STRIKES Back Harder!

Hello Beautiful People!

Has this semester been emotionally draining: YES! And am I ready for it to end: also, YES! BUTTTT, has this past month at the Sharing Tree been a complete & utter solace for me: YES YES YES. That's right everyone, while I might feel drained in some areas of my life (we won't delve into that), the Sharing Tree still remains supreme in making me feel absolutely AMAZING.

On Chucha and Interviewing:

This past October was so hectic, yet so very rewarding. I mean, how many internships out there give you a chance to interview a SIX time Emmy award winner and former Museum Director. That's right, on October 16th -- I had the chance to have a sit-down interview/conversation/amazing life lesson learning session with the amazing Chucha Barber.

Alongside Carly and two notable key partners for the Sharing Tree, we had the chance to receive amazing insight from Ms. Chucha about how to better improve and re-imagine possibilities for the Sharing Tree. I won't delve too much into what we discussed (that information is under lock & key), but know that our meeting with Ms. Chucha can really help make the Sharing Tree more amazing than it already is. Our meeting reminded me that social entrepreneurship is about collaboration and the willingness & vulnerability to ask others for help. Check out a picture from after our meeting!

Our meeting with Chucha Barber taught me a lot, and we're not even at the end of discussing the things learned in October.

On Fun, Laughter and Internal Trust:

October is for the Children -- #FTC if you will (not to be associated with another similar hashtag-- iykyk). But yes, during the month of October the Sharing Tree opened its doors to host field trips for schools within the Leon County School district.

Now, what do you make of 90 children ranging from kindergarten to 2nd grade in a space like the Sharing Tree? Some would say complete madness and chaos, but I'd say absolute fun CHAOS, with a lot of patience & vigilance. Don't ask me how we did it, but the Sharing Tree did indeed host field trips on two Fridays back-to-back during the month of October.

This was my first time being given a role that requiring me the directly supervise a group of young children. It was scary at first, but I quickly eased into the role well. My time working these field trips allowed me think more on the mission of the Sharing Tree:

"To inspire creativity, innovative thinking, and collaborative problem-solving while nurturing children, families, communities, and the environment."

This statement acted as a anchoring point for me as I navigated new roles within my internship. Helping in overseeing these field trips allowed me to grow as leader and provided me with experiences in directly working with young children -- which is truly an invaluable opportunity and simply just amazing!

As the semester close to a close, it's become important for me to remind myself about my values and to work I seek to do in the future. Interning at the Sharing Tree has been such a blessing in being a reminder for me!



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