• Manuela

Mid-Semester slump translated in the work force

This week rolled around, and the atmosphere in the office had changed. The long work week hours were finally catching up to us. This week we were all feeling the impact of our workloads on our physical health, in simple terms we were all T I R E D.

Working alongside professionals while I am still in college offers me the perspective that we are very similar. The collegiate school year starts and everyone is excited for the new possibilities. By the time October-November rolls around we are struggling to keep afloat our mounds of workload. We are constantly trying to balance a 15 credit school schedule, maintaining an internship or job, remembering to eat, sometimes getting a decent amount of sleep, and still trying to earn good grades. In the workforce, the same stress level applies except you are getting paid.

I was given the task of revising the contract agreement for users of the KitchenShare. Then I had to compare it to a different contract with a food share in Jacksonville. The purpose was to see what they were doing, what we were doing, and what we can do differently. After reading 60 pages of legal documents, I have composed a list of things that need to be improved. I will also be working alongside the supervisor of the hub, Mel, to make an adjusted pricing model to charge the users of the KitchenShare. I am constantly gaining experience doing work that will make me more marketable after graduation.

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