• Emma Salters

My New Normal

Just as everything was finally falling in place, it felt life and work came to a grinding halt over Spring Break. As the chaos over COVID-19 has grown, INIE has been intensely working to ensure that the nonprofit sector in Tallahassee still has all the resources that it needs to stay afloat during this crisis. As the nonprofit sector has taken a detrimental hit these past few weeks, we have had to shift our focus to advocacy efforts to ensure that nonprofits are receiving stimulus packages as well as to providing virtual resources that nonprofits can use in order to continue operating during this time.

However, work for INIE itself has not ceased, and all interns are still needing to complete projects that they started at the beginning of the semester. Moving to remote work has proven to be messy and has had a definite effect on my productivity. Due to our new various schedules, staying up to date with each other has been an added challenge. Despite all of this though, this team continues to produce impactful content and complete the needed project ensuring that INIE can continue to function to its best capacity. As the semester winds down and the majority of my projects are completed, I have been able to spend the much needed time focusing on INIE’s social enterprise incubator. In the past few weeks, we have been able to finalize some stakeholder involvement, create the branding for the program, and start reaching out to potential sponsors. Though I will not be able to see through the completion of this program, I am excited to see where this goes in the coming year.

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