• Emma Salters

One team, One Mission

This semester I joined the team at the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence as a marketing intern. During my short time there, our team has already formed strong relationships with one another, providing each other with the support we need to achieve our goals.

This spring, INIE took on eight new interns with four of us making up the marketing team. All of us on the marketing team come from diverse backgrounds both academically and socially. This interdisciplinary approach has provided us the ability to attack marketing from all angles, each of us contributing to INIE’s marketing strategy in our own unique way and ensuring that all necessary pieces are well executed.

Each individual on the team deeply aligns themselves with INIE’s mission, creating an environment that is filled with excitement and innovation. We are a group that is passionate about connecting our interests in the field of communication to social change initiatives and this unity is what enables our team to perform well. Our relationships with one another are not only strengthed by this shared mission, but also by our personal goals outside the class. The four of us will be graduating together this Spring, and as we navigate this both nerve-racking and exhilarating time in our lives, we only grow closer together through our shared experiences.

In the past month, this team has already proven to be advantageous to INIE as a whole and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the coming months.

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