• Mary Elizabeth

Phone banking and Canva

This week, I finished my first full project for my internship at Planned Parenthood. I worked on creating a digital advocacy manual for volunteers to reference. To make this guide, I utilized Canva skills I garnered from my internship with SIE@FSU and coursework in my major. I think sometimes, I get carried away with things getting too "on brand." What I mean by that is, I was thinking it may be on-brand to use the PP logo as bullets but that doesn't always work for the projects assigned. Little things like that help me learn when to bring more style into things and when to leave it out. I also got a Google Voice number and started phone banking. I did a lot of phone banking when I volunteered with Florida PIRGS so this is something I already had some experience in. I'm looking forward to new projects to take on and work on new skills.

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