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Rachel: Blog 1

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I am a couple weeks into my internship at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Science. Throughout the semester I will be working on developing a new summer camp for the summer of 2020. The camps theme will focus around the idea of sustainability and ocean conservation, which is vey near and dear to my heart. We are in the beginning stages of development, we have decide that it will be for grade 3-5. I believe this is a great age to start teaching students about the importance to protecting our local environments. The director of the station has tasked me with researching other camps with similar themes around the country to pull ideas from. So, that is the research I am currently doing now. I am finding interesting ideas we might be able to implement for the summer camp. I am excited about this project because I hope to work with children in the future and learning about others programs is helping me understand what it takes to work in these setting with children.

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