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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

During our immersion process we visited students at the local university Undikasha. We were able to team up with the students from the university and work together on a project. This project involved learning about the problems associated with environmental issues and sustainable development. During our innovation sprint we dove into the process of design thinking. This process involved myself, two other FSU students, and two Undikasha students collaborating together on how to approach the environmental issues in Bali Indonesia. Throughout our research we found that the primary cause of the environmental issues was primarily from the local villages being uneducated about the environmental issues in Bali, Indonesia. This was contradictory to our hypothesis because we had all previously thought the tourist were the main cause of the population in Bali. Throughout our research we conducted interviews to a local high school which one of our group members had attended and graduated from. We also interviewed a local farmer (picture included) and a fisherman to see what their perspective was on environmental sustainability. One insight we found during our interview process was that local villagers are educated about these environmental issues but they do not see the direct impact from their trash burning methods so they continue to practice these trash burning population methods. Other local villagers are educated about the environmental issues but they do not have access to the resources they need to implement what they know into their village. One fisherman that we talked to was telling us about the Bubu trap that he was making out of bamboo (picture included). This trap is much better than a regular fishing net because it allows for the other fish that are not edible to be released back into the ocean. In a regular fishing net all of the non-edible fish would die. This trap is a sustainable fishing method and we learned the government is trying to get other fishermen to adopt this method so that the population of fish is healthy. During all of our interviews the undikasha students were extremely helpful in the interviewing process because they were very insightful and they spoke the local language. We could not have done this social innovation sprint without the undikasha students help!

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