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Season's Greetings and the Semester Ending

Hello Beautiful People!

It's unfortunate and heart-breaking to say it, but our time together is rapidly coming to an end. While I know that some of you may miss these posts (or maybe that's just me, but let me live), know that I have truly enjoyed my time sharing about my experiences with The Sharing Tree. This blog is going to be more so on the reflective side - and there might be some mushy stuff - so let's get started!

"Tell the truth. To yourself first, and to the children. Live in the present. Don't deny the past. Live in the present and know the charge on you is to make this country more than it is today." Maya Angelou (2014)

This is is quote that has been with me since the middle half of this year; it has also been a guiding force for me throughout my journey this semester as I make the transition as a FSU undergraduate student to a hopeful alumna this upcoming Spring semester.

When I first learned about the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship internship program, I was immediately interested in working with the Sharing Tree. The concept of being able to work with children, while directly engaging in practices related to entrepreneurship and business management were the two things that peaked my interest -- and working with Carly has allowed me the gain so much experience in these areas. The notion of social entrepreneurship is rooted in an individual's ability to address a social issue in an innovative manner, while still ensuring its scalability and sustainability. My experiences throughout this semester are a reflection of that concept.

It's not easy, but sometimes you just have to "DO" -- this semester has given me so many opportunities to grow through my internship with The Sharing Tree. From the board meetings, to my interactions with all of the AMAZING kids, I can truthfully say that my time with the Sharing Tree has had such an impact on my life through the skills and life experience I've gained. The work done at the Sharing Tree is critical; it seeks to fill the art education gap children often experience within our nation's public school system. Additionally, it provides children with a space to truly delve into their inner creative. The Sharing Tree has provided the city of Tallahassee something so essential -- a space for children to be FREE and have to have FUN.

In my time as a student at FSU, I haven't had chance to delve into my inner creative mostly due to the demands of my studies. I felt as if that part of my spirit was lost to me, but the Sharing Tree allowed me to re-enter that headspace and I've reached a state of reconciliation within my self. If you have any doubts that the Sharing Tree isn't a place for you, DON'T - because it truly is.

All the love,


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