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The Balinese people seem to be incredibly in touch with the importance of nature and the urgency in protecting the natural resources that they have left. One of the natural landscapes that the Balinese are trying to facilitate the regrowth of is the coral reefs. The reefs  have been suffering in the past decades because of the warming of the Earth and therefore the waters as well. When the water reaches a certain temperature the coral will bleach as a self protection method and if the water cools back down, it will return to its former colorful state.

Unfortunately the water has only been getting warmer and the coral is becoming permanently bleached. This bleaching harms the marine life that relies on the coral and any island people as well, as the reefs act as a wave break before the shoreline. Without this break the shore can erode more rapidly and threaten the local people who live on the island with floods during stormy weather. All of these reasons and more sparked the need in Bali to incorporate Biorock technology in order to rebuild the coral reefs. The technology is quite simple and easy to maintain so that the local Balinese people could be easily trained to adopt and continue the project. The involvement of the local community has been staggering and the cooperation of the people is a do finito e reason why the Balinese program has been so successful in the past years. Without the full inclusion of the fisherman to stop the harmful fishing practices such as dynamite and cyanide fishing the Biorock project would not have had the same effect on the environment as it has had. It is the Balinese way to act as a community and thankfully the community realizes that this Biorock technology would be in the benefit of all of its citizens along with the numerous environmental advantages that also accompanied the project.

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