• Ryan Rossy

Starting Production

Currently, I am filming Interviews for the SIE@FSU Ecosystem and Human-Centered Design @ FSU videos. However, I have mapped out a timeline of all the videos that I will be filming for the semester such as, the SIE Skill-Building Series, SIE Internship partners, InNOLEvation Challenge Finals and much more. I have completed one video so far, which was a part of the SIE Skill-Building Series called Art Therapy and I plan on filming my next Skill-Building Series video March 3rd, at 6PM.

However, I have had a few challenges and successes so far. It has been difficult finding times to schedule people to be interviewed and balancing this internship with all the production work I am doing this semester. I knew it was going to be difficult but I am starting to feel my body starting to slow down from all the work and stress. Meanwhile, I have had some success in the fact that I have already started completing projects and I have solidified a solid pre-production schedule of everything that I am going to film this semester.

All in all, I am on track to complete multiple videos that will benefit The College of Social Entrepreneurship and show some of many things that the program highlights and does for its students. With my current workload for this internship, I will be busy all semester but I am sure it will be extremely beneficial to me and the program in the long run.

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