• Bruna R.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

This August I joined the SIE team at FSU as an intern. Through my experiences I have gained many insights on what makes a team effective. Building strong relationships with each other and connecting our actions to our purpose has been the foundations for setting us up for success.

Building strong relationships with team members is crucial because it creates empathy. Every team member has their own set of skills, knowledge and experiences. When I get to know my team members background and interests our connection becomes deeper. With this connection, I can better appreciate their unique contributions. Also, being intentional about creating new experiences together can be very beneficial. Traveling to Bali over the summer with my team members has allowed us to draw from our shared experiences. The lessons learned in Bali are ingrained in our work flow and ideas.

Connecting every action to our purpose is what unites us. We are a group of passionate people who believe that sustainable solutions to complex global issues come from creative and empathetic thinkers who stay curious about the world around them. We empower each other to be leaders who lead to inspire.

I love being part of a team that encourages innovative thinking and failures! That prioritizes building strong connections with each other and keeps empathy at the heart of everything we do. I look forward to a semester filled with more insights and pivots.

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