• Dacia Williams

The Finale

Since starting my internship, most of my work was primarily focused on maintain the social media presence. While fun, I think I find the time where I am able to study the organization and its model to be most enjoyable. As my internship wraps up, I am excited to complete my final projects for the term. One being a sponsored ad for Mother’s Day, but the other, the one I am most excited to start, will be my Expansion Project.

Jessica did her own expansion project when Gifts for Confidence was two years old. She displayed and analyzed how the organization’s model will have a similar impact in El Salvador. Before becoming her intern, I was most excited to continue her work to finding the best next location to introduce Gifts for Confidence and its sewing curriculum.

My work was actually inspired by another intern who is familiar with the influx of clothing that are left in Mexico. When I began my research, I mainly focused on countries that had shared a great percentage of the Textile Industry, such as India and China. But after hearing her personal perspective about Mexico, I soon was drawn to the idea.

I am still in the research phase of my task but have since understood Mexico’s textiles industry better. Although the industry is made up of women, I believe Gifts for Confidence can help address another problem. Most of the clothing garments made in these factories do not use raw materials from Mexico nor are they sold in Mexico. The import and exports of the materials and finished goods has led to the depreciation of pesos and harsh working conditions for women. I believe there is an intervention that can be made with young girls in the country who wish to make a livable income. Or at least work towards it.

I am excited to continue my final project as I wrap up my time with Gifts for Confidence. The organization not only allowed me to strengthen my social media skills but has also helped me recognize the process it takes to act on a passion. I am hopeful that my work that I have done will help me live up to my future entrepreneurial endeavors.

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