The Little Things

Throughout the trip so far, I have immediately noticed that the Balinese community is able to keep a simple mindset and enjoy the little things. This afternoon on my second hike of the day I was simply asking a random bystander for directions in hopes that she would understand English. When I approached this girl, she was extremely excited that I had asked her where the best hiking spot would be because she happened to live right next to one. She stopped everything that she was doing and took a group of us to her house before the mountain to introduce us to her family. Personally, I have never seen a person so ecstatic to be giving directions and to have a conversation with random people. As she showed us the mountain that she thought was best to hike she continued with us on our journey while her a bunch of her family members had followed us from her house. I thought it was pretty funny that the entire family had also gotten so excited about seeing Americans. When we got to the top of the mountain there were a few locals that were in the process of building a temple and the first thing they did was offer us kopi. At first, we were all acting polite and denied his coffee, but he insisted that we shared a cup of coffee with him. Once we accepted his offer his face blew up with enthusiasm and started to share some life stories. Last night I was talking to Seumara about what he was interested in doing with his life and her was telling me how he grew up on a farm. He was explaining to me how that the people who were growing up with him didn’t want to carry on the traditional jobs that help the community out. He was then telling me how that he wants to work on the farm for a few years to help his family out. This is extremely eye-opening to me because in America it is completely opposite in my generation.

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