• Dacia Williams

The Tale of a Quarantined Intern

Despite the global pandemic that has taken over all of our lives recently, the settings of my internship rarely changed. Since the original status of my internship was already remote changing my title to a “social distancing intern” still allows me to perform the duties my supervisor has laid out for me.

During this unique time, my social media marketing has been shaped to fit the recent challenges that the world is currently facing. Most of the content allows for users to interact through fun challenges and suggestions they can participate in while practicing social distancing. Our social platform has also been focused on bringing light to local small businesses, including Gifts for Confidence, and their efforts on living through the pandemic.

I’ve also enjoyed placing a human voice behind the company, letting our followers and supporters know that even businesses are learning how to cope with self-quarantining. I mostly enjoyed exploring other projects that Gifts for Confidence is a part of as well. My conversations with Jessica, my supervisor, are filled with past and future projects, like her short but impactful program that taught girls how to make reusable pads from any material. We discuss ways on how the nonprofit could continue to empower girls even during times like these and try to explore other ways of providing skill and voice to the girls of Ethiopia. My area of focus for the next couple of weeks will be centered around just that. I am working on my expansion project, to see if there is another place who can benefit from the company’s mission.

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