• Manuela

To work or not to work? That is the question

This is it. This is the final point in the semester where everything that I have learned is coming to fruition through examinations, and presentations. It's an extremely stressful time because everything is compiled in a week and the majority of our grade rests on these exams. Juggling school with my internship can be overwhelming. Both my academic and my experiential learning outside of school requires my time and effort. I need to make sure that I am investing equal amounts of time in both my commitments. However, the hardest part right now is finding a balance between work and school.

During these times of high volume stress, I believe us students become engulfed in trying to perform at our absolute best despite the costs. The costs could be lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition, overworking, lack of mobility, stress, mental health decreases, etc. Due to this our other obligations suffer. Thankfully, I am apart of a work environment that they accommodating to an employees needs. The work environment at Frenchtown Heritage Hub is fun and everyone is so tight knit. If someone is having an off day everyone will automatically know, and questions will be asked to try and make you feel better. Due to this, I feel obliged and I want to go to work even if I have 4 essays, 2 presentations, and 1 exam that week.

Being a part of Frenchtown Heritage Hub as an intern has showed me the type of work environment, I would like to be apart of once I enter the workforce. Everyone is united by the one common goal, which is to help the community. This results in a company culture of passionate individuals. Putting the stress of everyday life, and coming together to resolve an issue that is far greater than you, is what I want to do from this point onward.


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