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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

As we approach our final week here in Bali, my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Coming into this program I had a personal goal to practice mindfulness as well as reflect deeply on my intentions and desires as I approach my final year at Florida State. At East Bali Immersion I did just that as I was blissfully unplugged, no social media, no emails, no texts just my thoughts to keep me occupied. I was tasked with learning how to be present and freely allow my thoughts whether positive or negative to surface. Overlooking the gorgeous mountains as the sunset I have never encountered such peace and tranquility. Coming from a fast-paced lifestyle, I realized how little I take the time to enjoy the beauty that is in front of me. At East Bali Immersion we had the chance to reflect deeply but also explore a societal issue in Bali that we could shed light on while simultaneously adding social value to Balinese society. Working alongside with the Undiksha students we quickly formed unbreakable bonds. We openly exchanged thoughts and opinions learning from one another with the overarching desire to create systemic change right here in Bali. Our Social Innovation Sprint replicated that of a sprint in real life where one must prepare, gain momentum and lastly finish strong. To prepare we had to immerse ourselves in the culture. This was done by building relationships, making conversation with locals and learning and respecting their traditions and values.To gain momentum we had to gain insight on our focused issue roaming the streets of Bali, speaking to locals, government organizations and any other stakeholders that could help us further understand the issue at hand. And lastly, we had to finish strong, combining our secondary research with our field research with very limited time. Even when our energy was depleted we pushed to the end, shedding light on important issues and inspiring future Changemakers to carry out systemic change. 

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