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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

From the countless number of bird species chirping in the morning sunrise to the 5 AM call to prayer, Indonesia has given a new perspective on life. First is that not every morning needs to be woken by an alarm but rather a more natural approach could substitute such as the morning sunrise or a rooster crowing to his loved ones as the sun peaks over the horizon. I came into this trip with a deep but meaningful question, being “what is time” and at first it started as a joke that us students would ponder through our journeys, but it soon grew to be a much more serious and intellectual question. Over the past 6 weeks of travel in south east Asia I have come to find one interpretation of a so-called answer to this very question; time is nothing anyone can stop but its something that we can all manipulate to our benefit if used correctly. Time is what you make of it. During the duration of my stay here in Asia I have realized that technology for me sucks away my time, and I for one know that to enjoy my limited time on this planet I should be the one who brightens other’s days. I recently got a tattoo on my back that reads in Thai letters Sabai-Sabai which means No Worries. To me this symbols the fact that no matter how awful a situation could be each of us have our own agendas for what we’d like to do with our time and if someone wants to get upset at the small things in life I will let them do that without it affecting my life as I only get so many breaths while being on this planet. Let us appreciate the time we have and accept that when we put down our phones and get rid of the stereo types, one day we can all enjoy the crowing of the roosters and the rising of the sun daily.

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