Who am I?: Sofie

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Before I embarked on my journey to Bali I set personal and educational goals that I wanted to attain from the trip. I invested a lot of time and money to make my way to a beautiful place with such deep knowledge and I needed a clear outline of the things I wanted to get done during my short-lived stay. My first goal was to connect deeper within and part of accomplishing that was promising myself I would stay sober for the entire month. If I could stay sober, I could stay present. My next goal was to learn as much as I possibly could from the culture, educational material, assignments, nature, and people. As a part of the educational aspect, I wanted to know how I, as one human being could create systemic change addressing wicked problems through the social innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum. I was determined, to take the steps and discover this key to success and become the agent of change I desire so deeply to be.

What I didn’t prepare myself for was how much of that external work begins internally. How do I address the wicked problems of the world, when I needed to address myself as a complex problem and enact systemic change within? Where does that work begin? And how am I going to address this shit, here, in Bali when my therapist is home in Connecticut?

So much of how we carry ourselves is based on past traumas, lessons we have learned and virtues we identify with. Some of these traits are positive and can add to our lives, giving us insight into deep, multidimensional problems. On the other hand, a lot of these parts of us can be inadvertently negative, holding us back from being vulnerable and connecting with ourselves and others at a deep, compassionate level. It’s a scary thought, or at least for me, to think I am not everything I was, everything I am, and everything I can be. The only truth in that is we as collective human beings are everything we can and want to be. It’s the decision to wake up in the morning and decide today will be different from yesterday, and in that there is so much beauty. So really, think deeply and ask yourself; who am I and who will I chose to be today?

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