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Winding down before the Holidays

This is the time of change as the weather is getting cooler, exams are coming up, holidays are nearer. As a student, this is the time where I really have to focus and continue working hard to get me to the end of the semester. Also known as "crunch time", where all the assignments, exams, stress, and sickness all coincidently happens around the same time.

I have been working on a project for the last part of my internship experience. I have composed a new version of a Handbook and Policy guide as well as a contract agreement for the KitchenShare. This experience has given me an inside perspective on the legal frameworks to run a business. The area that I struggled the most was understanding the nuances of insurance. KitchenShares, restaurants, food trucks, etc all require insurance with their specific parameters. This is a huge responsibility because potential customers and Kitchenshare members adhere to all the policies and restrictions that I am setting forth in the contract. If anything is incorrect then it is a liability to the Kitchenshare, the Members, and the customers of said members. For the first time in 21 years, I feel like a grown up handling serious issues and delegating a contract for a business to continue to function. The transition from a student to a grownup with an actual job is happening..very fast.

Once I complete this project, I will feel very accomplished and happy that I was able to contribute to Frenchtown Neighborhood Association. I look forward to continue learning from all the supervisors and gaining real-world experience.

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