• Manuela

Work week of a Social Entrepreneurship Intern

I start working on Monday September 30th, 2019. I go in at 10 am and I am immediately given the great responsibility of reviewing a $9,000 grant given to Frenchtown Uprising. My specific job is to brief the grantee on any and all considerations, limitations, follow-ups, and necessary measures needed to be completely granted the full amount of money. It felt like I was working in corporate America and I was briefing my boss and my whole job depended on this moment; it was a thrilling, informative, and nerve-wrecking experience.

Tuesday I went into work with my goal of telling Missus Rose my business idea. I have always been interested in the food business but my lack of knowledge, financial resources, and lack of mentor guidance has halted my progression in the industry. I decided I was going to ask for advice. She told me everything I needed to know to get started with my licenses and even encouraged me to come out to the Farmers Market and sell my food! Needless to say Tuesday was a great day. I learned more about food entrepreneurial startups than I have learned in all the business books I pick from the local library.

Once Wednesday began, my superiors were well aware of my interest in the food business world and Rose took me under her guidance. I helped create a 5 week food menu for the Child Care Food Program. The guidelines are very particular and very precise but under the guidance of Rose we composed a meal plan for 3-5 year olds in day care.

Thursday rolled around and I was given the task of reviewing another grant. However this grant from the city was not just any kind of monetary contribution, this grant totaled more money than I have ever acquired in my 21 years of life. This grant was for a total of $81,000 that was being given to The Greater Frenchtown Marketplace and Heritage Hub. It is a very rewarding experience to be trusted, and acknowledged enough to be consulted in such an important task. Each of these grants require very specific rules for the disbursements and if I do not relay the correct information this business can negatively impact this business. It is imperative for me to come into work with a positive, and focused attitude to continue to help towards the success of Frenchtown.

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