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Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship @ FSU

(For SIE Students Only)

Organization Overview:

SIE @ FSU is the holistic social innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem at FSU focused on realizing the following mission: “To inspire, prepare, and support a community of innovative and entrepreneurial leaders who apply a human-centered and interdisciplinary mindset and skillset to systemically address the urgent social & environmental challenges in our rapidly-changing world.”

Internship Overview:

Join the SIE @ FSU team and help us deepen and grow the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at FSU! Gain valuable experience, develop relationships with student and faculty leaders, help develop dynamic opportunities for students, and make a meaningful contribution to FSU and our partner communities.

The SIE @ FSU intern will:

  • Assist with maintaining current community partners and developing new ones.

  • Help develop, launch, and manage the SIE Student Incubator/Capacity-Building


  • Help develop, launch, and manage a Student-Led Social Enterprise.

  • Research models to inform a new Youth SIE Incubator in Indonesia.

  • Provide research, planning, and coordination for SIE-related events (such as Innoventure Challenge, Design for America, FSU Innovators, etc.)

  • Coordinate communication strategies (including managing the SIE listserv, creating student profiles, marketing SIE-related events and opportunities, etc.)



Rachel Murray

Spring 2019 Intern



Sean Feheley

Spring 2019 Intern