The Sharing Tree

Organization Overview: 

The Sharing Tree is an established non-profit organization focused on creative reuse and sustainability through the power of imagination. The primary services to the community are to provide local educators with free classroom materials, divert waste from the local landfill, to education the community on the art of creative reuse and most importantly- provide the ultimate creative experience for families. Last year, the Tree developed and launched a Creative Play Lab- imagine makers space meets kids museum meets adventure playground. Immediately upon its opening, the space has been flooded with creatively eager children- creative play is often times undermined in schools and it is a critical component to a developing child.

The Tree is currently looking for a new home and this internship will be unlike any other semester in engaging community partners, creatively thinking about partnerships, and writing grants. Creative thinking is key- do we build a play lab with old shipping containers? Become a mobile unit? Have temporary locations? Or find a permanent forever home!

Internship Overview:

  • Work with the organization’s director to research potential property for a new location focusing on the potential to partner and rent share with a like-minded organization and meet with EVERYONE!

  • One idea that the organization is exploring is the idea of a mobile art truck (like a food truck, but with art) that can travel to neighborhoods and be set up to allow access to art supplies and projects that would otherwise not be possible.

  • Outreach- community events to hand out flyers and do art projects so we can still engage the audience.

  • Innovative and resourceful individual(s) are needed, as the director will be looking for feedback and ideas regarding various projects.